Forskolin A Natural Supplement From Indian Coleus Roots

Forskolin A Natural Supplement From Indian Coleus Roots

Forskolin (also known as Coleonol) is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the roots of the Indian Coleus plant (also called Coleus Forskohlii). This Indian plant is part of the mint family and just as the name suggests, the plant was first discovered in India and is commonly found in the other Eastern hemisphere locations such as Thailand and Burma.

Throughout the ancient history, this Indian herb has been used for medicinal purposes in the treatment of numerous health conditions including lung and heart diseases, convulsions, insomnia as well as intestinal spasms.

forskolin naturalHowever, in the modern world, this potent extract is used for many other treatments. The extract is well known for its capability to activate hormones that stimulate the desired fat burning mechanisms within the body to aid weight loss.

To some people, the way we look is a critical part of their everyday lives and helps them to feel good about themselves.

Several studies have also indicated the presence of Forskolin in thermogenics and fat burners. The extract is also known to improve individual’s stamina, especially if taken together with caffeine.

The most appealing thing about this extract is its efficiency in reduction of fat. It speeds up the process that would otherwise have taken weeks if not months with other dieting methods.

Where Does Forskolin Extract Come From?

In general forskolin works in two main ways. Firstly is by activating Lipolysis which refers to the process of breaking down the fat containing lipids. This method is way faster than the regular methods since it enhances production of adenylate cyclase (cAMP that is an enzyme associated with a wide range of physiological and biochemical effects) in recipients. cAMP, by itself, helps in regulation of sugar, lipids and glycogen. Various studies have shown that many obese and overweight people have low levels of cAMP production. In those regards, it means that obese individuals stand to benefit a lot from it.

Secondly, this naturally-occurring compound works by improving the levels of production of thyroid hormone. Enhanced production of thyroid hormone results to improved metabolism which encourages proper body weight maintenance in a lot of people. Forskolin is also known to offer antidepressant properties sicne it helps in controlling the levels of thyroid hormone.

Another benefit associated with use of Forskolin is a healthy heart and lungs. In a study conducted by researchers in 1974 indicated that this substance contributed to the dilation of the blood vessels of the heart. This in turn lowers high blood pressure and helps in preventing the accumulation of blood clots in the blood vessels to improve blood flow.

This leads to enhanced flow of ions that result in maintaining a healthy heart and preventing health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, thrombosis, stroke and other related conditions.

Additionally, Forskolin is also used in treatment of other conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The extract is also known to be beneficial to asthmatic. This is because the extract helps in improving the respiration process by relaxing the airways. With so many benefits of the supplement is easy to find multiple forskolin weight loss claims, so its good to always search for the most quality supplements for best results.

With the many benefits and uses, it is no wonder that the extract has become so popular in today’s market. However, it is recommended to seek doctor’s advice prior to consuming this substance.

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